Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I purchase a restored Series Land Rover from you?

We require a $5,000 deposit to reserve a time slot. This deposit will also lock in a un-restored vehicle of your choosing from our inventory. When we begin your project we will ask for 25% of the build cost up front. Half way through, we will ask for another 25% and then another 25% three quarters of the way through. Finally when the vehicle is complete and it has been inspected by the customer we will receive the final 25%.

2. After I reserve my time slot, when will my Land Rover be delivered?

You will be given a time slot based on when you make your reservation. Time slots are first come first serve. Your restoration will typical begin 3-6 months from that point the deposit is received. The restoration can take up to a year to complete.

3. Can you do a restoration for less than $69,500?

No, we only specialize in full restorations. Although it is possible to build one for less, our goal is to create high quality vehicles.

4. Where can I see one in person?

You can make an appointment to see a restored Series Land Rover through this contact form below.

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